Covid Chronicales – Part I

This is Joe Keenan, author of Covid Long Haulers. Welcome to the next edition of my Covid Chronicles. I want to firstly thank all of my followers for taking the time to check out my blog and listen to my first podcast. Your kind words of support are appreciated and feedback is welcomed. I startedContinue reading “Covid Chronicales – Part I”

Long Covid Vanishes After Vaccine

Building on themes from this week, the article below illustrates an example of the benefit of receiving the Covid vaccine even if you are suffering Long Covid. The science is still not clear on why this helps some Long Haulers, but for some this could be the answer. Some research suggests that the benefit ofContinue reading “Long Covid Vanishes After Vaccine”

Could COVID-19 Trigger Chronic Disease in Some People?

As far back as July 2020, scientist have tried to link the long term effects of Covid 19 to autoimmune responses. In this article below, The Scientist outlines several scientific studies that tries to link the bodies immune responses post Covid, including early work on the relationship between viral infections and patients that suffered postContinue reading “Could COVID-19 Trigger Chronic Disease in Some People?”

Could Long Covid Actually Be reactivated Epstein Barr?

As the mysteries of Covid 19 and its long lasting effects unravel, new theories about what causes the Long Covid symptoms emerge. In the article below posted by the Daily Mail, a parallel is made between Long Covid symptoms and the Epstein Barr virus (EBV). It is interesting to note that a large majority ofContinue reading “Could Long Covid Actually Be reactivated Epstein Barr?”

Why the vaccine could help Covid Long Haulers

Interesting article by ABCNews.go on the potential benefit of the Covid vaccine on those affected by Long Covid. The theory as stated in the article is that the vaccine will stimulate the bodies own immune defenses to search out and destroy any lingering pockets of the virus. Or if Long Covid is being caused myContinue reading “Why the vaccine could help Covid Long Haulers”

Multidisciplinary Teams Are Key

This is an excellent article on programs to help Covid Long Haulers. There is a very powerful story about a Covid patient and her recovery which mirrors many of us and our personal stories. What I found most interesting about this article by WebMD is the section on the use of multidisciplinary teams in helpingContinue reading “Multidisciplinary Teams Are Key”

Chronic Fatigue and Long Covid

Excellent article on how Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long Covid might be similar. The critical learning for me in this article is highlighted below. Energy conservation is critical to recovery… CNN: What advice would you have for Covid-19 long haulers so that they can stave off longer, more harmful effects? Davis: Know when you’re atContinue reading “Chronic Fatigue and Long Covid”