Chronic Fatigue and Long Covid

Excellent article on how Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long Covid might be similar. The critical learning for me in this article is highlighted below. Energy conservation is critical to recovery…

CNN: What advice would you have for Covid-19 long haulers so that they can stave off longer, more harmful effects?

Davis: Know when you’re at your energy envelope limit. And don’t ever exceed it for any reason. Be serious about it. I see so many patients that decide, “I’m going to go do this and I know I’ll crash now but pay later.”

You may get right back to where you were before, but then again, you might not. Crashing may be what keeps many of the patients sick. I’ve talked with one patient who recovered after about five years and was trying to explore what she did to make herself recover. She said, “I just got fanatical about it and decided I must never exceed my energy envelope. After a year of never crashing, I got over it. “There’s no good evidence that being physically active will help you.


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