Long Covid Emerges in one quarter of healthy people…

In a recent article by Mercury News, they reported that, “of the 1,407 people seen at University of California outpatient clinics, more than two months after their infection, 27% of people experienced shortness of breath, chest pain, cough or abdominal pain,”

More concerning in this study was,”Of these patients, nearly a third did not have symptoms during their initial infection.”

This means that one third of those that may have not suffered strong effects from their Covid infection still displayed Long Covid symptoms months later.

The same article references a similar study by Stanford Health, published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, found that three to four months after infection, 29% of people who returned for treatment reported fatigue; 21% reported shortness of breath; 24% reported loss of taste or smell; 17% reported muscle pain; and 16% reported memory problems. And many people in the study suffered from more than one of these symptoms.

To me this means that Long Covid is still not understood by the medical fraternity and that more research into the cause and effect of the Covid infection and its long lasting effects is critical.

Stay strong

Joe Keenan



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